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  • Comca Systems Cleaners POS (Professional)
  • Lenovo Computer with 250GB, 2 GB, DVD,  Keyboard and Mouse (three years warranty first year on-site).
  • 15" Elo Touch Screen (three years warranty)
  • 16" Cash Drawer
  • Star futurePRNT Thermal Receipt Printer
  • 550va UPS battery backup
  • 1GB USB memory drive
  • One-User System          $2,895.00

    Two-User Systems        $4,795.00


    Add a Tag printer for       $ 245.00

    USB Bar Code Scanner      155.00

    Credit card reader for          75.00

    Three years "Depot" warranty on all hardware. Computer includes on-site warranty the first year. Add $90.00 per computer, for total of a three years on- site warranty.  Serviced by IBM technicians within 24 hours.

    Installation, shipping, and sales tax for Florida delivery is not included.

    ELO 15B1

    All in one Computer System with 15" Touch Screen. Durable and low-profile design.

    Optional: Customer Display $245.-

    One Elo 15B2 Computer with built-in credit card reader, Comca Systems POS Pro, Star futurePRNT Thermal Receipt Printer,  Cash drawer, battery backup, USB memory drive for backup, and Honeywell 3800 USB bar code scanner with 10' cable.

    $ 3,400.00

    $ 3,695.00  With Tag printer

    Installation and sales tax for Florida not included.

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    Phone: 813-996-5922


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    Comca Systems, Inc., is a leader in Point Of Sales technology. We have been introducing changes in software for Dry Cleaners and Laundries for more than 24 years!!!

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    Software Only

    1 user Comca Systems Cleaners POS Pro $1,495.-

    2 user Comca Systems Cleaners POS Pro $1,895.-

    3 user Comca Systems Cleaners POS Pro $2,095.-

    5 user Comca Systems Cleaners POS Pro $2,495.-

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    I have been a customer of COMCA Systems for the past 16 1/2 years.

    1 - Very easy to upload invoices. Saves a ton of time. It meets all of my business needs.     2 - I appreciate the prompt response when I call. problems always get resolved. 

    I love the fact that I own the system outright and don't pay monthly fees for usage.  I love the program features, for example: the invoice upload, the transaction reports and email reminder for my customers I believe the email reminder has been instrumental in increasing the amount of bags I pick up daily....this equates to more profitability.  

    I would not use anyone else for my business / software needs.  Kim and Mirza have been extremely responsive to whatever my needs have been throughout the years.

    I am a very satisfied customer.

     By Julie Haber

    Owner / President

    Dry Cleaning Wizard

    1.  Kim is never out of touch. The infrequent times we need him (about once a   year) we can always find him.

    2.  Comca POS is like turning on the lights in the morning: its something we never think about.

    By Wally Szeezil Vogue Cleaners/ St Petersburg, FL

    1. We’ve been using Comca for over15 years.  We selected Comca over every other POS because it was the most user-friendly and the only window-based program at the time.  Over the years, Kim has developed many great features that have helped us run and grow our business. 

    2. Kim has always made himself available for us whether it was a problem or to answer a question on the program.  Fortunately, we hardly have any problems with Comca. 

    By Michael Astorino                                          http://www.fabricarecleaners.net


    1_It is the most user friendly , comprehensive, adaptive and also the least expensive POS system available.
    2_Quick to respond and the willingness to insert new software specific to individual
    Comca POS allows us to customize our individual systems; totally satisfied.

    By Ed Thompson
    St. Petersburg, Florida

    Testimonials from our clients:
    I have been able to travel to several plants over the past few years and have seen several POS systems. I believe Comca Systems is by far the best system for your money. ... Comca's label program is by far the most comprehensive system on the market as well as the most user friendly system out there.  I just wanted you to know what a great POS system this is.

    By Jeff Rhea
    Fashion Fresh Dry Cleaners
    Naples, Florida 
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